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A Few Highlighted Features

Admin Dashboard

At-a-glance access to recent activity and an overall view of what assets, accessories, consumables, and components you have.

Items that have been checked in, checked out, recently updated or deleted, show up in a recent activity snapshot.

Asset Management

Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location. Check them back into inventory with one click, or click through to see the asset’s complete history. Seeing what assets are currently deployed, pending (brand new awaiting software installs, out for repair), ready to deploy, or archived (lost/stolen, or broken) is quick and easy.

  •  Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location
  •  One-click check-in
  •  Asset Models let you group common features
  •  Require User Acceptance (End-User EULAs/Terms of Service) on Checkout
  •  Email alerts for expiring warranties and licenses
  •  Integrates with most handheld bar code scanners and QR code reader apps
  •  Quick and easy asset auditing
  •  Add your own custom fields for additional asset attributes
  •  Easily import and export assets
  •  Generate QR code labels for easy mobile access and labels
  •  Assets marked as request-able can be requested by a user
  •  Assets retain full history including checkouts, check-ins and maintenance
  •  Optional digital signatures on asset acceptance


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