We are dedicated to improving the medical supply chain.

Join us on our mission to make healthcare run better.

Total Inventory

Total Inventory

$50 Million
Access to Financing

Access to Financing

$100 Million
Monthly Growth

Monthly Growth

+40% Growth
Units Sold / Month

Units Sold / Month

1.5 Billion

We focus on helping you achieve your goals.

We help healthcare systems all over the US secure the resources they need to provide the best care. How can we help you?

Huston Methodist
City of Los Angeles

We partner with you and solve problems together.

We share our healthcare experience with you as an extension of your team, solving problems together.

$50 million in state side inventory on the ground in our warehouses

40+ years of medical sourcing and supply chain experience

30+ Hospitals helped every month

$100 million in financing for POs, solicitations, and cash on delivery orders

Whatever it takes, we get you what you need.

We specialize in sourcing the high quality medical resources you need - even when others fail. Our creative problem solving and strategic thinking comes from over 40 years of supply chain experience that we can bring to your team.

Meet the Leadership Team

Wether it’s taking calls directly, engaging with employees in the warehouses, or meeting with customers one-on-one, the leadership team models Texas core values of honesty, transparency, creative problem solving and serving the community. This is what drives our success and long lasting customer relationships.

Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson

President & Founder

Jeff Robinson is the President of Texla Medical, serving as its hands-on sales leader and overseeing growth. He founded Texla in 2014 and was Texlas CEO for over 6 years, personally bringing Texla to its first $10+ million in annual revenue. Jeff graduated from Pratt College KS with a degree in Accounting.

William Baron

William Baron

Chief Executive Officer

William Baron is the CEO of Texla Medical, personally overseeing over $25 million annually of Texlas business. Previously he was the Co-founder and CEO of Dealyze, a Y-Combinator backed enterprise startup in the clicks-to-bricks space, and worked with T-Mobile. Will attended Virginia Tech and the University of Central Florida, graduating with a degree in Computer Science.

Sam Womack

Sam Womack

Cheif Marketing Officer

Sam Womack is the COO of Texla Medical, overseeing the distribution centers and warehousing for over $50 million in on the ground inventory for Texla. Previously he was the Founder of Stoked Earth - a solutions oriented medical supply distributor focused on supply chain scalability. Sam attended Pepperdine University in Austin Texas, graduating with a degree in Business.

Dedicated to improving the medical supply chain, on a mission to make healthcare run better.


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